ShoeStories by Claudia Lynch

Greek Cup Shoe

I wanted to do everything for her.


A bit of hot Mediterranean moisture trickled down her back. I longed to lick it off. Instead, I dabbed it with a clean white napkin, then brought it up to my own lips. I didn't even try to stop myself. Her fragrance was intoxicating, and I was thirsty for the taste of it.


She was a goddess. There was nothing plain about her, and I didn’t see how I could get through the morning ---

much less the day --- without her.



Greek Cup (Coffee + a Bagel) Shoe
Gicleé print, signed & matted — $75

Every shoe tells a story — It used to be true that no matter where you got your coffee to go in New York, it came in a paper Greek Cup. They're still around, but nowadays everybody seems to have their own logo cups. I love how the coffee flows right out of the cup and becomes the sole of the shoe.


The show theme was "Food + Drink". I created this Bagel + Coffee Shoe, a Chopsticks (Chinese Food) Shoe and a Waitress-in-a-Greasy-Spoon Shoe.

"I'm proud to be represented in more downstairs powder rooms than any other living artist!"  — Claudia Lynch

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