ShoeStories by Claudia Lynch

Taurus (Bull in a China) Shoe

I knew for a fact she was a lot less fragile than she looked.


She'd remembered my favorite color, and had it painted on from neck to toe, but I couldn't let that distract me. This was going to take some patience. I'd looked hard to find her chinks; now all I had to do was wait for her to crack. I couldn't go charging in like a bull in a china shoe. She was stubborn, but I could wait it out as long as she could. Longer, I hoped.



Taurus (Bull in a China) Shoe
Gicleé print, signed & matted — $75

Every shoe tells a story — I just noticed how monochromatic all four of these are. I must have noticed it at the time, because I commented on it in this story. Huh.


The show theme was "Zodiac". I created shoes for Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus and Gemini. One of these days I hope to complete shoes for the rest of the signs.

"I'm proud to be represented in more downstairs powder rooms than any other living artist!"  — Claudia Lynch

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