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Tooth Fairy Shoe

Coming up to my place had been all her idea.


I could hardly believe it myself. She was a legend, for crying out loud.


Anybody could see I was a couple of decades too old for her to be interested in me. I'd heard so many stories about her, and I was starting to wonder what the molar of this one might be. I told myself it was probably best to wake up and quit dreaming; on the other hand, I didn't see what I had to lose.


I was pretty sure I'd never see her again, and I was suddenly desperate for a souvenir, some proof that she'd been here with me tonight. What could I ask her for that wouldn't make me look like a starstruck jerk, or worse, a guy that was only interested in her money?



Tooth Fairy Shoe
Gicleé print, signed & matted — $75

Every shoe tells a story — A gallery had arranged a show in conjunction with a dental convention, so I created a Chattering Teeth Shoe, a Tooth Fairy Shoe, and a rather ambiguous Reluctant Patient shoe.


It took a long time to come up with this story, but then the word "legend" triggered the idea of the Tooth Fairy as a celebrity.



"I'm proud to be represented in more downstairs powder rooms than any other living artist!"  — Claudia Lynch

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