ShoeStories by Claudia Lynch

Wedding Boot

"You're wearing white?"


She blushed, and for some reason that encouraged me.


"How about a little hokey-pokey with the best man, for old times' sake?" I whispered.


"The old times were good," she said, and left it at that.


"I want to hear all about the honeymoon," I said, holding her close as we danced. "I'll give you a ring when you get back."


"No, you won't." She smiled a little too wisely. "I guess I always knew you never would."



Wedding Boot
Gicleé print, signed & matted — $75

Every shoe tells a story — I paint with gouache, an opaque watercolor paint, so there's no way to paint the foot and add the lace later, like you would with a more sensible medium like oils or acrylics. The white of the lace is the white of the paper, so you literally have to paint all the parts that are not the lace. I think I painted the contour shadows first, then went to town filling in the flesh in between the lace. It's really fun to do.


This is one of the few pieces not created for a specific show. I just had the idea to make a wedding shoe.

"I'm proud to be represented in more downstairs powder rooms than any other living artist!"  — Claudia Lynch

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