ShoeStories by Claudia Lynch

Red Riding Hood Shoe

"Hello, Red. Nice outfit."


As she sashayed past, I let out a discreet whistle. In this neck of the woods, that was still considered a compliment.


"What's in the goody basket?"


"Nothing you'll ever get to sink your big teeth into," she winked. "My Grandma always told me to look out for wolves like you."


"That's good advice," I said. As I watched her skip away, I wondered if I'd ever work up the nerve to aks her out on a date.



Red Riding Hood Shoe
Gicleé print, signed & matted — $75

Every shoe tells a story — I'd made a few errors with the typewriter before — and either left them there or used white-out to fix them, because that's what happens with authentic typewriting — but this story was the first time I'd thought of including an intentional typo. There have been more since then (I'll leave it to you to spot them yourself). Because of their authenticity — they just wouldn't make sense without the medium of the typewriter — they are my favorite kind of word play.


This piece was created for "Fables Retold", along with the Cinderella Skate.


"I'm proud to be represented in more downstairs powder rooms than any other living artist!"  — Claudia Lynch

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